De-risk your hiring with data

MyQu enables data driven decision making that de-risks hiring and aligns candidate and employee motivations and drivers with organisational values and culture.

What MyQu will do for you

Effective hiring with data

With MyQu, organisations evolve their hiring approach to one that is about people and business drivers. MyQu helps de-risk recruitment processes, hire more diverse candidates by removing bias, and map candidate motivations with organisational values and culture.

Remove Bias

With MyQu, organisations are able to remove conscious and unconscious biases at the very beginning of their recruitment process before any opinions about a candidate are made.


MyQu assesses your team’s strengths, identifies gaps, and provides you with the insights needed to ensure your new hire compliments those strengths and addresses those gaps for a successfully aligned team.


MyQu ‘pulse checks’ your employees, remote or in-office, and their general sentiment from Day 1, providing actionable insights that make your team feel heard, while driving meaningful change across your organisation.


We provide corporate culture metrics that ensure your team are are living your organisational culture; meeting your vision and company values.
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The science makes us unique

Get actionable data that will help grow your teams

MyQu was designed to be simple and usable by anyone. You don’t need a course or to be certified to get the most benefit from the platform.

We utilise the Big 5 Personality Construct to understand someones motivations and drivers, but how we assess and measure is entirely new.

Data Driven HiringHow we map motivations and drivers to organisational values and culture is our secret sauce. We put data points to help you make better informed decisions.

FastWe can assess and report on a 5 mins assessment that takes our competitors anywhere from 20-60 mins to achieve. This means a higher completion rate and better user experience.

Honest ResultsMyQu assessments are 4x less fakable than other assessments on personality or motivations and drivers.

ValidatedRigoursly validated for reliability, MyQu sits at 96% reliability, slightly above our market competitors.

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